Luz Hernandez.jpg Salt Lake CityPhoto by: Luz Hernandez / Facebook Scott Taylor.jpg Photo by: Scott Taylor / Facebook Anthony Galvin.jpg Sunset from Wasatch BoulevardPhoto by: Anthony Galvin / Facebook Audrey Kissling.jpg Overlooking Utah LakePhoto by: Audrey Kissling / Facebook Chelsie Lamb.jpg Photo by: Chelsie Lamb / Facebook Cheryl Howard.jpg Photo by: Cheryl Howard / Facebook Christian Peay.jpg Hazy skies created a beautiful sunrise in the West Desert Saturday.Photo by: Christian Peay / Facebook Audrey Lund Misner.jpg Last night in Spring GlenPhoto by: Audrey Lund Misner / Facebook Cierra Grimsley.jpg Photo by: Cierra Grimsley / Facebook Connie Montgomery Johnson.jpg Near Roosevelt in the Uintah BasinPhoto by: Connie Montgomery Johnson / Facebook Derek Knowlton.jpg Sunset from the top of Antelope Island on Saturday nightPhoto by: Derek Knowlton / Facebook Galen Chatterton.jpg Looking towards the UofU from RivertonPhoto by: Galen Chatterton / Facebook Hannah Hooley Jackson.jpg Boulder mountain, Wayne CountyPhoto by: Hannah Hooley Jackson / Facebook Hugo Banuelos.jpg Photo by: Hugo Bañuelos / Facebook LaDene Larsen.jpg Sunrise this morning in MillcreekPhoto by: LaDene Larsen / Facebook Andy Palmer.jpg Hyrum looking north towards Logan, we can usually see the entire valley all the way to Idaho.Photo by: Andy Palmer / Facebook Hugo Caballero.jpg Photo by: Hugo Caballero / Facebook Jason Robison.jpg Photo by: Jason Robison / Facebook Jason Robison1.jpg Photo by: Jason Robison / Facebook John Stout.jpg Syracuse looking westward this morningPhoto by: John Stout / Facebook Kaden Corbridge.jpg Photo by: Kaden Corbridge / Facebook Kerry Jacobson.jpg Photo by: Kerry Jacobson / Facebook Kylan Hunt.jpg Photo by: Kylan Hunt / Facebook Lori Annenberg.jpg East Layton benchPhoto by: Lori Annenberg / Facebook Melania Rontino.jpg Photo by: Melania Rontino / Facebook Melania Rontino1.jpg Photo by: Melania Rontino / Facebook Melissa Montoya Rogers.jpg Same mountain background just 2 weeks difference!Photo by: Melissa Montoya Rogers / Facebook Michael Shodin.jpg The Oquirrh Mountains hiding from HerrimanPhoto by: Michael Shodin / Facebook Oliveti Kofe.jpg Photo by: Oliveti Kofe / Facebook Raymie Crane.jpg Usually the background is the mountainsPhoto by: Raymie Crane / Facebook Rebekah Cox.jpg From State Street in OremPhoto by: Rebekah Cox / Facebook Scott Taylor.jpg Photo by: Scott Taylor / Facebook Sheli Latimer.jpg Up Farmington Canyon looking into Davis County ValleyPhoto by: Sheli Latimer / Facebook Sheli Latimer1.jpg Photo by: Sheli Latimer / Facebook Sheli Latimer2.jpg Farmington canyon looking into MorganPhoto by: Sheli Latimer / Facebook Tanya Lee.jpg Indianola, Utah middle of the dayPhoto by: Tanya Lee / Facebook Teri Swena.jpg From Shriners yesterdayPhoto by: Teri Swena / Facebook Terra Fepuleai.jpg Last night's sunset here in BlandingPhoto by: Terra Fepuleai / Facebook Trudi Muir Wells.jpg Looking north from BountifulPhoto by: Trudi Muir Wells / Facebook Wayne Ware.jpg Sunrise this morningPhoto by: Wayne Ware / Facebook Zachary Zimmerman.jpg Smoky morning in MurrayPhoto by: Zachary Zimmerman / Facebook Kristy Coen
This is in Saratoga looking towards the lake coming down pony express. Can't see the mountains at all or the lake.Photo by: Kristy Coen / Facebook Melanie Sapikowski.jpg Bear LakePhoto by: Melanie Sapikowski / Facebook Michael Barclay.jpg Sunset last nightPhoto by: Michael Barclay / Facebook Lindsi Sparks.jpg From Pleasant View looking down to Ogden!Photo by: Lindsi Sparks / Facebook Charley Jones.jpg Photo by: Charley Jones / Facebook Jorge Sanchez.jpg Sunset from HerrimanPhoto by: Jorge Sanchez / Facebook Loumis Jenny.jpg South Salt Lake looking out towards the west side of the valley, no mountains can be seen!Photo by: Loumis Jenny / Facebook 213750791_1434060796970753_8084437445530022100_n.jpg Sunrise from my back yard this morningPhoto by: Julie Allred Sant
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