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Woman accuses Conor McGregor of sexual assault at NBA finals game

Letters from an attorney and statements from law enforcement say UFC star Conor McGregor is being investigated for sexual assault allegations.
Woman accuses Conor McGregor of sexual assault at NBA finals game
Posted at 6:11 PM, Jun 15, 2023

A woman has accused UFC star Conor McGregor, 34, of sexual assault during the NBA Finals game in Miami last week. The allegation came in the form of letters from her attorney, shared with the media. 

The UFC released a statement on Thursday saying that the organization has been made aware of the allegations against McGregor and said it "will continue to gather additional details regarding the incident." 

The statement on its website said, "UFC will allow the legal process to play out before making any additional statements."

A spokesperson for the Miami Police Department was asked by ESPN on Thursday about the allegations and said a special victims unit has been investigating after a report was filed on Sunday. The department would not give any additional details on the matter, according to ESPN

TMZ Sports reported that representatives for McGregor denied the allegations saying, "Mr. McGregor will not be intimidated."  

ESPN reported that the alleged incident happened as Game 4 of the Finals was playing out. The woman has reportedly accused security for the Miami Heat and the NBA of helping McGregor in the attack by separating her from a friend and "forcing" her into a bathroom. 

According to statements from the woman's lawyer, Ariel Mitchell, McGregor allegedly grabbed the woman and pinned her against a wall. She is said to have escaped the incident after McGregor made multiple attempts to assault her. 

Mitchell said her client handed over clothing she was wearing that night to Miami police. 

The Associated Press reported that in letters sent to the NBA, McGregor's camp and the Miami Heat, Mitchell said her client would be open to negotiating “reasonable settlement offers." A deadline of June 12 was given before Mitchell and her client would move forward with litigation, according to reports. 

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The Miami Heat said the organization is "aware of the allegations," and said an investigation is being conducted. A statement said the team would not comment further, pending the outcome of their investigation. 

ESPN reported that McGregor has been accused of sexual assault in four other past incidents which are said to have occurred outside of the United States. At least one of those cases was reportedly dropped. 

McGregor is a cash cow for the sport of mixed martial arts, and in 2017 fought against boxing star Floyd Mayweather. 

The fighter was attending the Finals as a guest of the NBA and the Heat, and took part in a performance during Game 4's halftime to promote a recovery spray in which he had to punch a mascot. The punch sent the man inside of the costume to the emergency room. 

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