Avalanche dangers increase with forecasted snow

Posted at 9:30 AM, Jan 18, 2012

Snowstorms forecasted across Utah come with increased avalanche risks. UDOT and the Utah Avalanche Center are warning backcountry enthusiasts to be careful this week.

The Utah Avalanche Center says that an avalanche warning is in effect for the mountains of northern and central Utah, including the Western Uintahs, from 2 p.m. Wednesday through Thursday. They say heavy snow and strong winds combine for a high avalanche danger through Wednesday night and discourage backcountry travel this week.

UDOT is also warning those traveling in the backcountry of avalanche prevention risks the department will be taking throughout the next couple days. They schedule avalanche control measures, including artillery blasting, throughout the season to help keep skiers and motorists safe.

They encourage anyone who plans on going into the backcountry to be aware of scheduled control measures by visiting and of avalanche risks by visiting