Dems respond to Gov’s State of the State speech

Posted at 9:47 AM, Jan 26, 2012
and last updated 2012-01-27 14:13:26-05

The first thing Democrats disagreed with is something everyone would acknowledge is a good thing — extra money. The state guesses it will have about $400 million more this year than last. But where does it go?

Governor Herbert wants to cut the unemployment insurance tax to create jobs. The Democrats say not so fast.

“There are many critical cuts that we have made over the years that have out of necessity have caused a lot of pain and hurt. Now is not the time to talk about cutting taxes,” says House Minority Leader Rep. David Litvack.

And on the key applause lines of the night, the governor says Washington overregulates and squeezes businesses and states too hard. The Democrats disagree.

“Divisiveness is not where we should be heading,” Litvack says.

On a side note, the governor has another opponent in the legislature, state representative Ken Sumsion. Sumsion is one of three Republicans trying to take his job, but the only one serving as a lawmaker.

Sumsion, Morgan Philpot, and Tea Party founder David Kirkham are all running for the Republican nomination. Party caucuses are coming up in March, with the state conventions in April.