Atheist group claims discrimination from UTA

Posted at 3:44 PM, Jan 27, 2012

UTA is involved in a dispute with an atheist group over advertisements on their buses and trains.

The American Humanist Association wanted to advertise “Don’t believe in God? You’re not alone,” and list its website on the side of public transit vehicles, but their campaign was denied.

UTA says the content of the ad isn’t the problem, but the lack of commercial transactions; the American Humanist Association ad didn’t comply with UTA’s advertising policy because no sort of commercial transaction is involved in the spot and say it is simply a message ad.

The American Humanist Association claims UTA is discriminating against them and not applying its policy consistently.

The group had requested copies of past ads, but UTA ultimately denied their request based on GRAMA laws and copyright concerns. UTA says that the association is free to see those ads at UTA headquarters, but the group does not want to do so.