‘Anonymous’ hacker speaks about SLC PD website takedown

Posted at 7:58 AM, Feb 03, 2012
and last updated 2012-02-22 18:51:46-05

UPDATE: On Friday morning, @ItsKahuna wrote the follow on Twitter, “Due to privacy concerns of innocents, all files taken from the SLCPD have been deleted. We no longer have the files in our possession”

ORIGINAL STORY: A hacker believed to be part of the online collective known as “Anonymous” said in comments to FOX 13 that it has obtained more information than what Salt Lake City police previously said was accessed during a hack attack on their website.

“Contact info for job applications, details into drug operations with names addresses license plate numbers, supplier names, locations times,” the hacker known as @ItsKahuna spoke with FOX 13’s Ben Winslow over Twitter.

“We entered their admin control panel which linked to a lot of revealing confidential information, this was a poorly designed site,” @ItsKahuna wrote.

Police had previously said e-mail addresses for press releases were accessed. Then they said tips from the public for potential crimes had been taken. Late Wednesday, the police department urged members of the public who submitted information over should change their passwords for their personal e-mails, etc.

@ItsKahuna, who alongside #CabinCr3w have claimed responsibility for the hacking, provided FOX 13 with a sample report of a drug crime that included a redacted e-mail address. The Salt Lake City Police Department confirmed its legitimacy and other things that the hacker had claimed were accessed.

“We’re just under the assumption that they have been able to look at everything on our website,” Salt Lake City Police Sgt. Shawn Josephson said.

The hacker told FOX 13 it would not be releasing any other information that had been accessed. #CabinCr3w posted that it was “not what #CabinCr3w is about.”

“They have control of things that they have control of,” Josephson told FOX 13. “There’s nothing we can do to get that back. We’re hoping they stick to their word and don’t harm the public by putting that information out there.”

Anonymous has expressed displeasure at a bill currently in the Utah State Legislature that would make possessing graffiti tools, such as spray paint cans, a potential crime. The bill is being sponsored by Sen. Karen Mayne, D-West Valley City.

“Has your Senator Karen Mayne watched ‘Minority Report’ too many times?” Anonymous said in a posting. “A law prohibiting ownership and use of purchased products based on suspected intent? Is she kidding? The purpose of the law is not to prevent crime, but to manage it. The public gets the benefit of the doubt. A little too zealous wethinks.”

In an interview with FOX 13, Mayne insisted that the bill would protect communities.

“I think that they need to look at the big picture and all the harm that they’re doing,” she said of Anonymous.

Why the Salt Lake City Police Department’s website?

“The police are the foot soldiers of this government controlled police state, this op will target them and spread that we will not stand and let this oppression continue,” @ItsKahuna wrote to FOX 13’s Ben Winslow.

The hacker said that no other website, including the Utah State Legislature’s, had been attempted as part of the ongoing “#OpPiggyBank.”

The FBI confirmed to FOX 13 it has begun investigating the attack on, which was still down as of Thursday afternoon.

Asked if Anonymous wished to say something to Sen. Mayne, @ItsKahuna replied: “Tell her that this won’t be the last she hears from us if this legislation passes. We don’t support crime based on “assumption” and our Voices will be heard, she can expect us.”

Mayne’s bill was defeated on the Senate floor on Thursday. She told FOX 13 she planned to resurrect it next year.

“I want to revisit this next year because it needs to happen,” she said. “Law enforcement needs another tool. We need to protect our communities.”

“A decision that when the time comes, she will regret,” @ItsKahuna told FOX 13.