Bill bans cell phone use for teen drivers

Posted at 1:38 PM, Feb 07, 2012

A bill that bans teens from using a cell phone while driving passed the Utah Senate by a 19-9 vote on Tuesday.

Under this bill, anyone under the age of 18 would be banned from using a cell phone while driving. The bill applies to only talking on cell phone.  Other aspects of the bill that included restrictions on listening to music on a cell phone while driving were dropped from the bill.

Senator Ross Romero, who sponsored the bill, thinks this change helped get the bill passed by the Senate.  He also said the purpose of the bill is to keep drivers safe.

“Again this is a danger for everybody, not just young drivers,” said Sen. Romero.  “But the statistics show that young drivers are in more accidents than more mature drivers, and so this bill has been tailored to recognize the statistics that show young drivers get into more accidents and to remind them that they should focusing on learning to drive without the distraction of a cell phone.”

From here, the bill now goes to House where a committee will review it.  The public will also have the opportunity to weigh in.