Police release details of Josh Powell’s last 24 hours

Posted at 4:35 PM, Feb 10, 2012

Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies released a timeline of Josh Powell’s final 24 hours, detailing minute by minute what led up to him killing his children and himself.

Police acknowledged there are gaps in the history, but their investigation is ongoing. Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies are working with West Valley City police, who have been investigating the disappearance of Powell’s wife, Susan, since 2009.

Here is what the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department released:




Saturday 2/4/2012


Josh Powell withdraws $7000 in cash from a Bank of America.

Saturday 2/4/2012


unidentified person purchases gas cans at Fred Meyer
Identity to be confirmed when return of search warrant is received from Fred Meyer.

Sunday 2/5/2012


Emails sent from Josh Powell to his employer and attorney stating I’m sorry and goodbye.

Sunday 2/5/2012


First 911 call from Foster Car Resource Network employee stating Josh Powell locked her out of his house during a supervised visit with Powell’s sons.  Caller reports smelling gasoline.

Sunday 2/5/2012


911 call from neighbor stating on a house exploded and is on fire.

Sunday 2/5/2012


LESA dispatches two PCSD units to Powell’s residence at 8119 189th St. Ct. E. in Graham.

Sunday 2/5/2012


911 call from Alina Powell reporting she received emails from her brother saying goodbye and that he can’t live without his sons; emails said how to handle his property and to cancel his utilities.

Sunday 2/5/2012


Second 911 call from Foster Car Resource Network employee reporting house blew up on fire, states Josh Powell and the two boys are inside the house.

Sunday 2/5/2012


First PCSD units arrive on scene.

Sunday 2/5/2012


First PCSD detectives called out.

Sunday 2/5/2012


911 call from Josh Powell’s employer stating he had received an email stating I’m sorry and goodbye.

Sunday 2/5/2012


911 call from Josh Powell’s attorney stating he had received an email stating I’m sorry and goodbye.

Sunday 2/5/2012


Citizen takes a box of toys and books from a Salvation Army donation center in the Fred Meyer parking lot at 176th and Meridian in Puyallup.

Monday 2/6/2012


911 call from citizen reporting she had taken a box of books and toys out of a donation bin at 174th and Meridian on Sunday night.  Saw the names Josh Powell and Susan Powell written inside of the books.