W. Jordan father speaks out after accidentally shooting, paralyzing teen son

Posted at 4:39 PM, Feb 23, 2012
and last updated 2012-02-23 21:49:40-05

Bret Sackett says his life and his son's life has changed forever after a fateful shooting accident that happened inside their home.

His teenage son has paralysis throughout his body, all below his neck. Family members say his recovery will take at least three months.

Sackett says he has gone through a lot of guilt after the accident with his son Chance.

"I've been around guns a long time, drilling safety, because my kids like to go out and shoot with me and and we've done it a lot. Constantly I push safety when they're holding a gun," Sackett says.

But something went terribly wrong after father and son finished a day of shooting together. The two were in the master bedroom and father Bret Sackett went to clean the gun when firearm went off and a bullet went through Chance's neck, paralyzing him.

"With therapy we're going to get through this and he's going to have to work harder than he ever has," said Sackett.

Chance Sackett is a second year wrestler at Copper Hills High School in West Jordon. Now, he has to fight to get back on the mat.

It's unclear if his paralysis is temporary or permanent, but chance is showing signs of recovery day by day at Primary Children's Medical Center. He has regained small amounts of movement in his arms.

"If I can get him to push as hard as he does for wrestling, he's going to recover," says Bret Sackett.

Meanwhile at Copper Hills High, friends have started collecting donations to raise money for Chance's medical bills. In one day, they raised $1,000 and they're going to continue this effort through next week.

Copper Hills High has seen a string of disasterous events happen to their students. In the past 13 months, five students have died in accident. The most recent was a rollover accident that killed student Jaxen Hendersen. (Story can be read here)