Associated Foods classes make dealing with diabetes more manageable

Posted at 4:25 PM, Feb 26, 2012

Associated Food Stores have developed a new mission to help teach diabetics about healthy food choices.

Suffers of diabetes have to stick to a restricted diet to stay healthy, which can be overwhelming.

"Diabetes is a scary disease. It's very overwhelming for them," said Denise Kunkel, Clinical Pharmacist, Associated Food Stores.

Diabetics need to look for whole grains, low-fait dairy products and lean meats, plus fruits and vegetables.

Associated Food stores across the Wasatch Front are offering 90-minutes classes by registered dietitians and clinical pharmacists to help simplify the diabetic diet.

"We're blending what a clinical pharmacist knows with what the registered dietician can present," said Kunkel. "We just try and simplify it and make it easy for them."

Portion control and label-reading are discussed, plus navigating aisles at grocery stores.

"Where they can go in the store, what products they can find and which would be the healthier option," said Kunkel.

Registration is required for the free classes.