911 recording released after homeowner shoots, kills intruder

Posted at 11:18 PM, Mar 05, 2012
and last updated 2012-03-06 10:17:05-05

Last week a Springville man shot and killed an intruder in his bedroom.

And now police have released the 911 recordings from that night.

The woman in the 911 tape and her husband had just been awoken by a strange man demanding money. Police say 31-year-old Armando Martinez Jr. had been going door-to-door in a quiet Springville neighborhood, until he forced his way into the couple’s house.

After the intruder demanded money from the homeowner, instead of getting his wallet for the invader, he homeowner grabbed his gun. He fired one shot and hit Martinez in the chest.

(listen to the full recording here)

Dispatcher: can you tell me where the suspect is?

Caller: he's in our bedroom...

Dispatcher: is he breathing?

Caller: he's dead.

Dispatcher: did that person have a weapon too?

Caller: he said he did but we never saw one.

The dispatcher tried to keep the homeowners calm before police arrived.

Dispatcher: OK, where is the weapon now?

Caller: it's in my husband's hand, he's taking the bullets out.

Dispatcher: OK, I'd like him to set it down and to take a big breath. Is there only one suspect?

Caller: only one that I know of.

Dispatcher: alright, does anybody need an ambulance other than the person that was shot?

Caller: no.

Dispatcher: you and your husband are OK?

Caller: yes, we're OK.

Police say the homeowner will not be charged in Martinez’s death.