Mother says son who police shot and killed had autism, was abused

Posted at 6:58 PM, Mar 19, 2012
and last updated 2012-03-20 00:38:48-04

MAGNA -- Police say 15-year-old Sean Morrison fired gunshot at them Sunday and they returned fire killing the boy. Sean's mother says he was autistic, bi-polar and was dealing with the recent arrest of his father.

“As far as Sean, part of me has died. I loved Sean and I miss him,” says mother Jayne Morrison.

Morrison called police Sunday after her son got  a hold of a .45 caliber pistol from the house and told her he was leaving before he hurt her.

Sean’s mother believes Sean may have picked the lock to his father’s gun cabinet. But when police found the teen on a neighboring street, they say he opened fire on them. Three Unified Police officers returned fire, mortally wounding the teen and he later died from those injuries in the hospital. (see backstory)

Jayne Morrison says her son was receiving therapy. She says her son told her he was being mistreated by counselors.

“It sounded like some of the people who were supposed to be helping him weren't,” said Morrison.

Morrison says her husband’s arrest devastated the teen. Barry Sean Morrison faces a dozen felony charges for sexual abuse and assault.

“It's been really hard on him. He looked up to his dad and his father really let him down, failed him and emotionally damaged him,” said Sean’s mother.

Morrison said she had no idea about the abuse that allegedly went on for more than a decade and didn't come to light until the victim came forward.  She thinks her son may have become aware of the abuse right before his father's arrest.