North Layton Jr. High students self-publish magazine

Posted at 6:13 PM, Mar 20, 2012
and last updated 2012-03-21 21:13:55-04

LAYTON -- Junior high students in Layton are getting a unique opportunity to learn how to collaborate by working to put together a student magazine.

The new publication out of Layton Jr. High, called “Blank Page”, is written and formatted by students. It’s touted as one of the first “youth-driven” magazines out of Utah.

Amir Jackson, who founded the non-profit organization Nurture the Creative Mind, helped organize the students to launch Blank Page.

Tired of watching kids just being taught top-down style, Amir Jackson began a nonprofit organization that donates time and money to helping kids learn by thinking outside of the box by being creative and using the creation of a magazine to do it.

“If we want our future to be brighter, we must begin investing in our youth,” said Jackson.

Blank Page comes out every other month. It is free for every student while it costs $700 to publish. However, all of the cost is donated by the foundation.

Student, 14-year-old Amy Midori has her own column where she takes on students' questions and answers them. She provides her own perspective on individuality within the pages of Blank Page's first issue.

“If somebody doesn’t accept them or something, they shouldn’t go off on that, they should just be who they are and not change for other people -- because in the end they matter, not anybody else.

Jackson says the magazine is a means for the students to learn of the diverse points of view and how to weigh their options.

“They start to understand there are differences in vision and opinions, but we can all come together for a singular objective,” Jackson said.

More information on Blank Page can be found on Facebook HERE.