Park City council to get public input on Main Street upgrade

Posted at 9:46 PM, Apr 02, 2012

PARK CITY -- Tuesday night, Park City’s council members will hear ideas about possible upgrades to the city’s historic Main Street. Tourists and business owners shared some of their thoughts with FOX 13.

The city is still trying to determine specifics, but there is talk of more outdoor space for pedestrians, and according to one business owner, possibly turning a portion of this north end parking lot into a ice skating rink.

City leaders say they want suggestions from the public.  A consulting firm the city hired suggests more walking space for pedestrians and outdoor spots for families to relax, plus, more bulb outs -- widening of the sidewalks.

But to Dave Shaffner, who owns Flat Rabbit Gallery, he thinks improvements are more fundamental to business and tourism.

“I've never heard even one of these repeat customers who's said ‘I'm coming to Park City to see the bulb outs,’ but I do hear, ‘I don't go to Main Street because there's not enough parking,’” says Shaffner.

Planners say improvements are needed so the historic Main Street stretch can remain competitive with Kimball's Junction's commercial areas.

Tuesday’s council meeting is at the Marsac Building from 4-6p.m. There will be displays of artists’ renderings of changes city leaders are thinking about.

Construction work is expected to start spring of 2013. All of that depends if city council sets aside the funding for the improvements.