Search warrant reveals new details in Riverton teen’s death

Posted at 5:39 PM, Apr 10, 2012
and last updated 2012-05-01 19:34:24-04

SANDY -- A search warrant released Tuesday provides new information about the death of Riverton teenager Annie Kasprzak.

Annie's parents reported her as a runaway on March 10. The search warrant indicates Annie was at a party that night at the Sandy home of Daniel Ferry.

The search warrant implies Annie may have had sexual contact with someone and Ferry said "It's my turn." A witness said Annie laughed and said "No" to Ferry, who allegedly grabbed Annie's head and smashed it into a wall.

A witness said Ferry, Veaniua Vehekite and a third suspect "moved Annie into the garage of the home, helped change her clothes, put her on a tarp and wrapped her up."

All three suspects left Ferry's home and came back about two hours later covered in blood. When asked about Annie, Ferry said "she went swimming" and "put up one hell of a fight."

Police were unable to identify Annie based on photographs due to the extensive facial injuries. She was later identified based on scars, clothing and cosmetic dentistry.

In an interview with FOX 13, Daniel Ferry's mother, Loris Ferry, defends her son and denies there ever being a party in the residence or in the garage that night. She says Ferry never knew the victim.

"She's like 15 years-old we hear. Daniel is like 31. He's happily married and he doesn't run with 15 year-olds," said Loris.

Ferry is a known gang member with a violent criminal history. He served prison time for shooting a man in the face. And according to the search warrant, Kasprzak was at Ferry's Sandy home the night she was reported missing.

"There was no party here or in the garage," said Ferry's mother.

When police raided Ferry's home, they said that someone did "a clean-up job" with the carpet in the hallway and living room being torn out three days after the crime. Loris Ferry says it was ripped out weeks before police entered the home.

Ferry's mother maintains her son's innocence and says police have not even filed charges for murder and that he is being held for another incident.

"He's being held for 30 days in jail for this insurance ticket. We understand he hasn't been charged for this murder, it's still on there but he hasn't been charged for it from what we understand, which totally makes sense to us," said Loris.