Canyons District proposes schedule change for elementary schools

Posted at 7:20 PM, Apr 11, 2012
and last updated 2012-04-12 13:28:01-04

DRAPER — Elementary schools in the Canyons School District may see their schedules change next school year by getting rid of their Friday short days.

District officials said the proposed schedule change for elementary schools will benefit the students.

“By maximizing the time and taking a little bit of time Monday through Thursday and adding it to Friday, we can have the same schedule every day,” says Canyons District spokesperson Tamra Baker.

The district wants to cut 20 minutes of the classroom time Monday through Thursday to extend Friday to a full day. The district says the plan would change the perception that the academically “short” Friday is a throwaway day.

Ron Woolf, a teacher for more than 30 years and also a parent of a elementary student, said he feels the district is dictating the change and that more input is needed from teachers and parents.

“There’s been no formal surveys, questionnaires.  I have friends from several schools who have not been asked their opinion on this matter,” says Woolf.

Willow Springs school principal Sharyle Karren said it would provide teachers and their students more learning time.

“This is such a great idea because it gives teachers a chance to collaborate together. It gives us time as a school for professional development. It gives us time to focusing on academic achievement,” said Karren.

The Canyons School District School Board will decide next week whether to approve the proposal for next year’s school schedule.