Do’s and don’ts in an earthqauke

Posted at 12:35 PM, Apr 17, 2012

What you should do when an earthquake strikes: Drop, cover and hold.

Drop – Means get to the ground, being on all fours is more stable than standing up when the earth is shaking.
Cover – Find and object like a table or a desk to cover under, they say it will help protect you from falling debris.
Hold on – Hold on to the object you are covering under to make sure it doesn’t move away.

A few things experts say you should NOT do in an earthquake.

Do not get in a doorway.  They do not protect you from flying or falling objects.  Get under a table instead.
Do not run outside.  Trying to run in an earthquake is dangerous because the ground is moving.  You can easily fall or be injured by debris or glass on the ground or falling from above.