Mock shelters set up by Red Cross for ShakeOut drill

Posted at 6:28 PM, Apr 17, 2012

A total of three shelters will be set up for the statewide earthquake drill -- one at Granite High in Salt Lake City, one in the Ogden/Layton area and another in Orem.

The Red Cross has beds set up for 100 people for the Great ShakeOut event -- enough for the volunteers who have signed up to spend the night. Red Cross says they can accommodate more if they have to.

Meals there will be provided by local churches. They will have games and activities coordinated for families.

They say one thing they have learned from helping out in disasters is that schedules help people affected and they will be following a strict one. One of the main tests will be keeping track of the people that come in and out -- something the Red Cross says they do not get to do very often.