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Safety personnel honored with Grove of Gratitude

Posted at 3:34 PM, Apr 27, 2012
and last updated 2012-04-27 17:35:05-04

SALT LAKE CITY – 100 trees were planted at a Salt Lake City park to honor safety personnel of the past and present.

The dedication ceremony for the Grove of Gratitude at Riverside Park was held Friday morning. It is the conclusion of a week-long Arbor Day project that ended Thursday.

“Its a symbol of gratitude for the those who choose to serve and protect,” said Lara Jones, Salt Lake City Police Dept.

Volunteers and city officials helped plant specially-selected trees in the grove.

“We have Crimson Spire Oak, Cadbury, Triumph Elm and State Street Maple,” said Bill Rutherford, Salt Lake City urban forester. “We have them because they’re upright column trees kind of reaching towrds heaven to remember all the police fire and military personnel that serve, sacrifice and protect us.”

Volunteers say the Grove of Gratitude will benefit future generations.

“The Grove of Gratitude will benefit the community for many years to come. An old Chinese proverb is you plant a tree today and generations get the shade,” said Jones.