Antique show collectors hope to find unique memorabilia, coins

Posted at 11:53 AM, May 02, 2012
and last updated 2012-05-02 18:53:23-04

Antiques and collectibles can have a very high value.  Collectors are in Salt Lake City through this weekend to buy up such items.

Just last month, a collector paid $15,000 for a unique coin at a show in California.  There is a big market for high quality collectibles, antiques, coins, sports memorabilia and more, according to the organizers at the antique show.

"My grandmother gave it to me," said Julie Hadlock, a seller at the show.  "It's pretty heavy and nice and I could use the money, so I'm going to see what it is worth."

Collectors said they are especially looking for coins, but it has to be the right year and the right combination of metals to have significant value.

Doug Nyholm, show manager for Ohio Valley Antiques, says they haven't seen anything especially rare yet, but he's hoping to find some Utah currency from the 19th Century.

"I did write one of the definitive books on Mormon and Utah currency called Mormon Currency, 1837 to 1937. And it would be just fantastic to see a piece of that come in here," said Nyholm.

The Ohio Valley Antiques Event is going on at the Red Lion Hotel in Salt Lake City from May 2 - 6.