Rocky Mountain Power helps recycle old fridges

Posted at 5:30 PM, May 02, 2012
and last updated 2012-05-03 13:25:07-04

A program from Rocky Mountain Power is encouraging homeowners to send their old refrigerators for recycling.

With the wattsmart program, residents just need to make a phone call and Rocky Mountain Power will do all the work.

"We'll come out and pick up their old inefficient fridge or freezer and we'll give them a $30 incentive," said Jeff Hymas with Rocky Mountain Power. "We take it here and it gets properly recycled so it benefits the environment and helps them save money."

The fridge will eventually make its way to Jaco Industrial where it is de-manufactured.

"When a refridgerator comes here, the first thing we do is catalog it, check it. We barcode them all at the customer's home then we take out the interior parts, take the doors off and roll it up to the conveyour where we send it in to a state-of-the-art evacuation machine and it sucks out the oil and the refridgerants simultaneously and actually cleans the oil," said Michael Dunham with Jaco Industrial.

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