Tips to keep pets healthy

Posted at 4:48 PM, May 02, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY - Salt Lake City is one of the top ten cities with overweight and obese pets, and officials are providing tips on how to keep pets' weight down without getting rid of some treats.

Banfield's State of Pet Health report finds that the obesity rate of dogs and cats has skyrocketed in recent years with 27 percent of both animals currently overweight.

Dr. Elizabeth Greeson, a veterinarian, suggests choosing healthier ways to show affection towards your pets.

"Better yet, switch to treats of love, they last a lot longer in our dogs' and cats' minds," said Greeson.

Walking pets regularly is also an important way to keep them healthy.

"It's important and it's also part of your family so you should care. If you have a pet, you should care for it," said Stephanie Mendez, a pet owner.

Instead of feeding pets food from your own plate, try some animal-healthy alternatives.

"I'm a fan of baby carrots, fresh baby carrots, frozen green beans. Those are also pretty healthy treats. so if we are going to slip them something from the table, let's give them something non-seasoned fresh baby carrots," said Greeson.

Head to your veterinarian to find the ideal and healthy weight for your pet.