Hot Shots: May 6

Posted at 11:00 PM, May 06, 2012
and last updated 2012-05-07 01:00:21-04

A 2-year-old black bear has been roaming an Orlando, Florida, neighborhood this week. This video captures the bear hanging out in a tree.

Wildlife officials believe the bear's mother left so the baby can start a new life.

They plan on leaving it alone for right now.

Hundreds of people dressed as zombies turned Prague into the City of the Living Dead for its 5th annual Zombie Walk.

They walked through the streets before partying at a local music hall.

A Michigan woman found a diamond ring in the bowl of a toilet she'd been cleaning.

The woman isn't sure how the ring ended up at the bottom of her toilet bowl, but she's looking for the owners--it's engraved with Christina and Jerry Forever--to claim it.

The world's tallest man, who stands at 7-feet, 8-inches, received a specially built pair of size 25 shoes free from Reebok.

Tanner the dog endured a 13-hour drive from Kansas City to Colorado for rehabilitation after abuse by his old owner made his hind legs not work.

Tanner was able to get fit for a dog wheelchair and vets are now working to get him to walk again.