Wet weather doesn’t deter some campers, fishermen

Posted at 9:43 PM, May 27, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY - Wind, snow and rain forced a change of plans for many Utahns this weekend, but some outdoor enthusiasts braved the weather Saturday.

Every camping space at Tanner's Flat in Little Cottonwood Canyon was reserved for the Memorial Day holiday, but with the weekend half over, more than half the spaces are empty.

"There's not as many people as usual," said Marcella Meadows, a camper. "Couple people left this morning when it was really snowing."

Those who braved the weather spent a lot of their time indoors, hiding out in RVs as they waited for the condition to improve.

"We still have fun. We're hoping the sun will come out a little. Hope it clears up so we can get out of here tomorrow," said Aidan Mailander, a camper.

The usually busy marina at Utah Lake was cold and quiet on Sunday morning, but a handful of people could be spotted fishing along the shore.

"We wanted to do a little fishing and boat riding but the weather hasn't cooperated real well," said Ervin Shields, who spent the morning fishing.

All the adventurers said that despite the cool, wet weather, they enjoyed their time outdoors.