Celebrating National Cheese Day

Posted at 9:56 AM, Jun 04, 2012
and last updated 2012-06-04 11:56:50-04

By Emily Smith
(CNN) — No whey – June 4 is National Cheese Day!

The art of cheese-making is older than recorded history, and it’s not entirely certain who first forayed into fromage. Countries across the globe have taken the basic cheese-making principle and put their own stamp on it, sometimes literally.

Think about it: the Swiss have emmentaler; the French brought us brie; the British savor Stilton; the Dutch gave us gouda; Italians perfected Parmigiano-Reggiano); Spain munches on manchego; Mexico cherishes cotija; and America has well, American.

Thankfully, more and more local grocery stores have invested in a well-stocked cheese case. Even local chain stores seem to carry cheeses from around the globe, and most have an expert on hand to walk you through them.

With so many different types of cheeses to choose from, take the time to experiment with one you’re not familiar with. Have a cheese and wine party, where each person brings a different cheese dish.

Bake brie with fresh berries in puff pastry, pour spicy Thai chili sauce over softened cream cheese, or stick to a simple Caprese salad. Cheese is fantastically versatile, and its greatness should be celebrated every day!

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