Wild horses and burros on display in Tooele County

Posted at 9:37 PM, Jun 09, 2012
and last updated 2012-06-10 00:05:31-04

TOOELE - The 14th annual Wild Horse and Burro Festival took place this weekend at Deseret Peaks. The event offers a chance to learn about horses, watch them perform and even take one home.

Most of the horses in this weekend's festival were gathered from BLM lands in Utah, but there are also animals from Wyoming, Nevada and California.

Rancher Guss Warr says that the wild horses on display at the festival are appealing to a lot of people because they have a lot of endurance and haven't learned any bad habits.

"It's never been handled, never been touched. Doesn't have a problem that maybe someone else taught it. It's a fresh horse that's never been handled. And that's really appealing to a lot of people," said Warr.

For those wanting to purchase a Mustang, or wild horse, the cost is $125. There are also animals that are under saddle as part of the Gunnison Prison Program for $250.

"The inmates have been gentling them and working with them for the last two or three months, and so we're going to have three specific horses that we've selected for this event that are under saddle, that have a great start on them," said Warr.

Organizers partnered with the first annual Tooele County Wild Horse and Heritage Days. For more information, visit