Investigators: Ogden grass fire was human-caused

Posted at 6:59 AM, Jul 03, 2012
and last updated 2012-07-03 14:30:16-04

UPDATE 12:16 p.m. July 3: Residents said the Ogden Canyon grass fire was very fast.

"Unbelievable, unbelievable how quick it went," said Jerry Wilkinson, an evacuee.

Officials said someone intentionally set the fire. If caught, the person or people will face criminal charges. If you have any information, call Weber County Dispatch at (801) 629-8221.

A second brush fire started in Weber County at about 11 a.m. Tuesday near several Washington Terrace homes. About half an acre burned, damaging a shed and fencing.

UPDATE 11:26 a.m. July 3: It took crews about two hours to get the fire under control.

"You hear and you listen about and you feel for these people that go through it, but it doesn't compare to  when you go through it," said Toni Deherrera, an evacuee.

The flame took out Deherrera's fence, melted gutters and damaged windows on her home.

UPDATE 10:06 a.m. July 3: Investigators say the fire was human-caused and deliberately started. If you have any information, call Weber County Dispatch at (801) 629-8221.

UPDATE 9:10 a.m. July 3: The fire is 100 percent contained, said Deputy Chief Eric Bauman, Ogden City Fire Department.

This was taken from across the mouth of the Ogden Canyon in the parking lot of El Monte Golf Course. It’s about a mile away. Photo: Justin Johnson

UPDATE 9:03 a.m. July 3: Most of the road closures lifted in the Ogden Fire. Residents being allowed to go back home, Ogden Police Department said.

UPDATE 8:52 a.m. July 3: The fire is nearly contained, according to fire investigators.

It started at about 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday. The fire spread west and north because of the winds.

Most of the homes that have been evacuated are not damaged. However a fence near a condo community has burned and another home suffered minimal damage as some vinyl siding melted.

The evacuation orders are still in place.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

UPDATE 8:10 a.m. July 3: Crews are making progress on the fire, according to Deputy Chief Eric Bauman, Ogden City Fire Department.

No homes have been damaged and there are not reports of injuries. The fire is estimated to be about 12 acres in size.

He said 40 to 50 homes had been evacuated because of the grass fire. There are 40 people on scene working to control the fire.

Bauman said he hopes it will be possible for residents to return home later today.

"It just all depends on what the winds do and where our progress on the fire is," said Bauman.

UPDATE 8:05 a.m. July 3: Ben Davis, an evacuee in Ogden said the fire was within 10 feet of his home was he was evacuated by firefighters Tuesday morning.

"When I opened my eyes, I saw that home was just filled with smoke," said Davis.

Photo: Chris J. Medina (@FunkyChriscoldM)

OGDEN, Utah -- Dispatch confirms a fast moving grass fire at the mouth of Ogden Canyon Tuesday morning.

Some homes and apartments in the area of the fire are being evacuated. Weber County dispatch said the fire is getting worse.

We have a crew on their way and will have more details as they become available.