Program hopes to increase use of alternate transportation

Posted at 7:48 PM, Jul 09, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY - Salt Lake City leaders are encouraging Utahns to use alternate modes of transportation to get around town and they've been making efforts to make it easier for commuters.

The Division of Sustainability and Environment, in partnership with clean air advocacy group Breathe Utah, announced the expansion of the city's SmartTrips program.

"This is an opportunity - really a common sense opportunity - to figure out and emphasize how we use the neighborhood, stay in the neighborhood, walk in the neighborhood. Take advantage of public transit and try to limit and make our trips within the neighborhood smart," said Carlton Christensen, Salt Lake City Councilman.

The SmartTrips program is expanding to the Rose Park and Wasatch Hollow communities after a successful effort earlier this year in east Liberty Wells.

"this is an opportunity to get out an interact with each other, put more eyes on the street and make it even safer than it is, and it also makes us healthier," said Christensen.

The program is modeled after programs in other cities that have successfully reduced the number of single-occupancy vehicle trips. Matt Sibul, UTA Chief Planning Officer, says organizers of the SmartTrips program will use the experience of those other cities to create the best program possible in Salt Lake City.

Participants will get resources to help remove barriers that prevent them from taking full advantage of transportation alternatives.

"I think the more the residents become aware that they can get down to the corner and get something they need, the more they become aware that other people are doing this. It's one of those things that if the neighbor does it, I ought to do it, too," said David Galvan, SLC resident.

City officials say the program will continue until October.

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