Man killed in industrial explosion

Posted at 1:29 PM, Jul 12, 2012
and last updated 2012-07-14 19:22:58-04

ALPINE, Utah -- A worker, identified as 41-year-old Ricardo Flores of Pleasant Grove, was killed at a metal foundry after an explosion occurred Thursday afternoon.

The explosion happened at Adonis Bronze on 450 S. Alpine Highway. Adonis is a fine art casting facility that manufactures bronze statues.

Flores was apparently near a casting oven at the time of the explosion. A door on the casting oven had not been closed properly and the explosion forced the door off the oven, which then struck and killed Flores.

Flores was "firing" a sculpture in the casting oven, a task he had done many times before. After the explosion, three other employees ran into the room to assist the victim. They were transported to an area hospital as a precaution, believed to have inhaled the steam and airborne materials from the explosion.

Adonis released a statement to Flores' family:
"Adonis Bronze would like to publically let Ricky's family - his dear wife and children and extended family - know of the deep love and concern his Adonis family feels for them at this tragic time. Our thoughts and our prayers are with them.

This was a tragic accident and the loss of a great man and wonderful friend and employee to everyone at Adonis. His big smile and friendly manner along with his great artistic abilities has touched and helped so many people for many years here at Adonis.

We extend our love and any help we can give to Ricky's family. We appreciate all the support and out pouring of love from artists, other businesses and people just wanting to help. We want to express our appreciation and thanks to the Alpine, Lone Peak, American Fork and Lehi Emergency teams they are terrific and we appreciate all their help.
We are grateful to the 3 employees who were hurt attempting to help Mr. Flores and were treated and released. We are grateful for their bravery."

Donations to Flores' family can be made at America First Credit Union under the Ricardo "Ricky" Memorial Account or at