Magna picnic celebrates labor unions

Posted at 4:52 PM, Sep 03, 2012
and last updated 2012-09-03 20:17:19-04

MAGNA, Utah - The AFL-CIO held its annual Labor Day picnic in Magna on Monday with the purpose of reclaiming Labor Day as a day to honor people who work.

Representatives of labor unions were on-hand to celebrate the hard-working people in the US who helped build this country.

"I'm excited to be here because I'm excited to be where the working man and the Middle Class are so affected by this economy that's being depressed, and it's good to be able to share and listen and hear their viewpoints about job creation which is a big part of my campaign," said Peter Cooke, Democratic candidate for Utah's governor.

Chad Dunn, a plumber, says the Labor Day picnic is a good reminder that labor unions are  the backbone of the US.

"I'm here to celebrate hard-working people of America who are the backbone of America that built this country," said Dunn.

Nationally, union membership has decreased over the years, but has recently seen an increase.

"Our country has always been supportive of manufacturing and taking care of the middle class who supports every aspect of our economy and if we cannot continue to have upward mobility for those who really work hard everyday then we're in trouble," said Cooke.

Local union members and leaders say Labor Day is an important holiday that should be celebrated by all Americans.

"To celebrate the people who brought us what rights we have as workers. They gave us the weekend, they fought hard the government when they needed to to bring us what we have today as laborers," said Owen Perry, an electrician.

The free picnic included family-friendly attractions, including lots of food and safety demonstrations from the Utah Highway Patrol.