Statewide fire restrictions to be lifted

Posted at 4:29 PM, Sep 06, 2012
and last updated 2012-09-06 18:29:44-04

Fire authorities released the following press release declaring state fire restrictions to be lifted as of 12 a.m. Friday morning:

Fire Restrictions to Be Lifted on BLM, State and
Unincorporated Private Lands Statewide

Effective at midnight tonight, state fire managers have rescinded all
2012 fire closures on all BLM, state and unincorporated private lands.
Campfires and other normally permitted activities are now permitted.
National Forest restrictions put in place in 2012 for Utah were lifted
on August 2nd. Cities and towns still have varying fire restrictions, so
the public is advised to check with local authorities. While the
statewide fire restriction on target shooting is rescinded, the BLM
still has a temporary shooting restriction in place on about 900 acres
of land west of Utah Lake.

Firefighters continue to respond to wildland fires on a daily basis
throughout the state, but fire danger has decreased as cooler
temperatures and higher fuel moisture levels make fire spread potential
lower. Caution is still advised.

State Forester, Dick Buehler warns, “The danger isn’t gone and fire
season isn’t over yet. We still need to use good safe campfire
practices and everyone needs to be careful doing anything that might
lead to wildfire.”