Visually-impaired kids take tandem bike rides

Posted at 12:19 AM, Sep 24, 2012
and last updated 2012-09-24 02:19:16-04

HIGHLAND, Utah – The Utah Foundation for the Blind put together a special event over the weekend to allow visually impaired children a chance to ride a bike.

The kids rode tandem bikes piloted by a kid who isn’t visually impaired. Organizers say the event may lead children to develop an interest in Paralympic sports.

“The kids love it and it’s a great oppurtunity for them. We’ll incorporate this into our athletic programs and our sports camps during the summer,” said Tony Jepson. “The good thing is we can we can deliver these bikes anywhere in the state now with a trailer so if we have a group down in St. George, we’ve got them set up for tandem biking.”

The tandem bikes were donated to the Utah Foundation for the Blind by the Triumph Group in Park City.