Utah man solves a slimy problem for golf courses

Posted at 10:05 PM, Oct 21, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-22 00:54:56-04

SALT LAKE CITY - Utah's golf courses turn to one Utah man to help with a slimy problem.

When earthworms leave bumps behind on golf courses, they call Brad Hendrix, owner of Got Worms, to get rid of the problem.

After the golf course closes for the day, he uses a chemical called Crawler Flusher to coax the night crawlers out of the ground then his employees race to gather the bugs before they head back into the ground.

Hendrix pays his worm-pickers $1.50 for a pound of bugs. They can be kept alive for up to six months after being caught so he sends them all over the country to be used as fish bait.

All the work is done in the spring and fall when earthworms are the most active.