Creation of Statue of Responsibility on display at UVU

Posted at 9:41 PM, Oct 21, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-22 00:54:42-04

OREM, Utah - Over the next four months, Utah Valley University students and campus visitors will have the opportunity to see a prominent artist at work.

Local sculptor Gary Lee Price is doing pre-casting work on a 15-foot version of the Statue of Responsibility in the atrium of UVU's Losee Center for Student Success. 

Price says the symbol of the two clasped hands represents coming together and being a catalyst to connect humanity as a whole through a call to responsibility.

"It's so fun working here at UVU because I'm getting involvement, I'm getting interaction from the students rather than just being alone at my studio or just a handful of people that would see it. We're getting hundreds of thousand of people that are connecting with us and able to spread the word," Price said.

The event is part of a bi-weekly series of community family nights to be held at the statue. Every event will have a speaker and a musical talent as guests.

Eventually, Price and the Statue of Responsibility Foundation hope to erect a $300 million, 300-foot stainless steel version of the statue somewhere on the west coast as a bookend national monument to the Statue of Liberty.

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