SLC to offer curbside pickup for recycling glass

Posted at 12:18 PM, Oct 22, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY -- Salt Lake City is celebrating a new recycling program that will now allow residents to recycle glass products.

The city has had a recycling program for the past 19 years but this is the first time residents will be able to recycle glass products. Mayor Ralph Becker and other city officials say they've had a lot of requests over the years to add glass to the paper, cardboard, aluminum and plastics already collected by the city.

"Glass recycling has been something residents have talked about forever," said Debbie Lyons, Salt Lake City recycling program manager.

Becker says it's the residents' call for action that has created the glass recycling program. Starting on Nov. 1, residents living between State Street and 2000 East and north of 3300 South, including the Avenues and Capitol Hill districts, will be eligible for the once-a-month curbside service.

There is a cost for the voluntary program; a $6 monthly fee will be added to each participating resident's water bill. The city is helping subsidize the cost, paying $2 a month.

Some residents say the $6 fee is inexpensive, but others say it isn't worth it.

"Why tax on something that should be getting picked up anyways," asked Chad Cook.

Residents in the pick-up zone are receiving 35-gallon gray bins that say "glass only" on the side. The program covers all colors of glass. 

Residents outside the initial pick-up zone will have this service by April 2013.

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