Elementary school students enjoy snow day in Morgan

Posted at 11:18 AM, Oct 25, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-26 00:12:21-04

MORGAN, Utah -- Heavy snow Thursday morning created a nasty commute and caused some power outages in northern Utah.

It was also a welcome surprised for 1,200 Morgan County students as two school were forced to cancel classes.

"I had buses that were stuck, buses that were trapped in traffic and no way get some of my kids to the school," said Ken Adams, Morgan School District superintendent. "Dangerous conditions on the road, teachers who couldn't get to school and buses stranded, I had no choice but to shut down the school."

Many teachers commute from the Ogden area and were having trouble commuting along I-84, which was closed for a time Thursday morning.

"I think it was best if they didn't have people driving on the roads today," said Melanie Andrews, resident and parent. "It's just been crazy. I know they have been plowing, but I'm sure they are just not even close to being caught up yet."

The superintendent is going ask the state superintendent if they can waive the snow day and will not need to make it up.

Check out photos from viewer of the snow.