UHP’s BATmobile is a mobile DUI command center

Posted at 10:29 PM, Oct 27, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY - The Utah Highway Patrol is showing off their new 'BATmobile,' a mobile command center that will patrol Utah's highways this Halloween.

The BATmobile stands for Breath Alcohol Testing machine. UHP Sgt. Ted Tingey says it's a mobile command center for DUI enforcement and has been in operation in Utah for about a month.

A BATmobile costs about $100,000 but troopers think it'll save money and lives by making enforcement more immediate and efficient in places off the beaten path or right next door.

"Somebody's having a small little county fair or rodeo and thinking they might have a drinking problem and they want us there, we're gonna be there and help them out. That way we can process all our drunks and everybody right in the machine. Or if it's a large event out at Rio Tinto Stadium or USANA - a concert there - we can go there, too," said Tingey.

Inside the BATmobile, officers can conduct breath tests, blood tests, urine tests or whatever else is required to check and charge for DUIs.