Father delivers baby on I-15 with help of dispatcher

Posted at 9:16 AM, Nov 02, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-02 19:10:30-04

A dispatcher spoke about how she helped talk a father through delivering his own baby on the side of Interstate 15 Saturday.

Orem Dispatch says Carlos Pozo thought he could make it to American Fork Hospital and was going to hang up the phone. But them he realized he was only minutes away from becoming a father.

"I hadn't been hearing the wife before and I asked 'are you pushing' and he asked 'are you pushing' and she was and so he decided maybe we better pull over and see what was going on," said Julie Benson, 911 dispatcher for Orem City.

Pozo pulled over on northbound I-15 between 1600 North and the Pleasant Grove exit.

He said dispatcher Benson was able to keep him calm while explaining what he needed to do to deliver his baby.

From the 911 recording:

Carlos: Breathe baby, breathe, breathe
Dispatcher: Listen to me so you know what to do when it comes out, OKAY. As the baby starts to deliver, I need you to support the baby's head and shoulders and hold its hips and legs firmly.
Dispatcher: Is the baby crying or breathing?
Carlos: She's breathing, yes.

Pozo says he is grateful for the dispatcher's help. He is considering naming the baby 'Miles' because he was born a few miles from the hospital.

Both mom and the baby are doing well and have been discharged from the hospital.