Homeowner gets video showing sign thief in action

Posted at 1:25 PM, Nov 05, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-05 19:59:55-05

MURRAY, Utah -- A Murray homeowner is taking action after he said someone is stealing political signs from his yard.

Mark McMillan said he started posting signs in his yard off Vine Street about two months ago.

He said his signs supporting 4th District Congressional candidate Mia Love (R) and Anne-Marie Lampropoulos (R), who is running in the 37th District for the State House, have gone missing six or seven times.

Over the weekend, he installed a camera on his wooded property to see what was happening. Within five or six hours of putting up new signs, McMillan said he captured video of what appears to be a man jumping out of a pickup truck and taking a few signs off the lawn.

He put the signs up again, this time with reinforcement measures.

"When I put those two candidates' signs back in yesterday, I pounded some deep stakes into the ground and wired them to the stakes, so they are not going to come up very easily," McMillan said.

The video was shared with the Murray Police, but McMillan said he knows this is a low priority for them. He hoped that someone will recognize the person in the video or that perhaps the person will see themselves and it may embarrass them.

McMillan said some of his neighbors have also had trouble with signs disappearing or being vandalized.