WWII vet says don’t take freedom for granted, vote

Posted at 7:57 PM, Nov 06, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-06 22:01:25-05

SALT LAKE CITY — Being part of the so-called greatest generation and having served in World War II, Ned Williams knows more than most how close Americans came to losing their freedoms.

He reflected on the fight against the Axis powers and they wanted to do to the United States every Election Day.

“Take away our freedoms! Boy, you go right back to George Washington and what all those guys fought for, it’s great,” said Williams.

Ned was young, Mormon and a Democrat. He remains one to this day, even though many around him switched to the right.

“I’ve always been a Democrat,” said Williams. “My parents were Democrats because they just ran a little corner grocery store on 1200 East and 600 South. But then they sold it and got quite a bit of money and then they became Republicans (laughs).”

Now approaching 90-years old, Williams says he still believes in the ideals of his party.

“I don’t know, to me they represent the people that make America function — the workers, not the wealthy people,” said Williams. “I just have that implanted in my mind.”

And even though Mitt Romney is a Mormon with ties to Utah, it is not enough to get this vet’s vote.

“I remember his dad was head of American Motors and my folks bought a Nash that they produced,” said Williams. “So I know a little bit about the Romneys. But I think, it’s just a gut feeling of an old man, that he’ll favor the well-to-do.”

Even though he may not agree with the other parties politics, Williams believes fiercely in the American process and the idea that everyone has a duty to vote.

“People who don’t vote, I think is terrible,” said Williams. “Because America, the masses, the citizenry, should speak: ‘I want that man! And then he’s got that responsibility of being Commander-in-Chief.”