BYU coach won’t watch fight video that got players suspended

Posted at 10:28 PM, Nov 13, 2012

PROVO, Utah -- After two BYU Football players were recorded fighting at a restaurant in Provo on Halloween night, Coach Bronco Mendenhall later remarked he does not intend to watch the video.


"I don't intend to watch it," said Mendenhall. "Eventually players tell me the truth -- it takes a while sometimes. And then, others had seen it and basically  gave me the account of what happened, but I'm not interested in watching it. I have a really good idea what happened."

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Senior Defensive Back Joe Sampson and Sophomore Linebacker Zac Stout were suspended from the team and withdrawn from school for the year.

Mendenhall said he was most interested in helping the players "grow and progress" and that they "learn from it."

"And for those involved on the other side, I hope they're not badly hurt. I hope that they're OK and they can go on with their lives as well."