Some shoppers already camping out for deals

Posted at 11:40 AM, Nov 21, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-22 00:24:13-05

MURRAY, Utah - Some shoppers are already camping out for Black Friday deals. There is a collection of tents set up on the sidewalk at the Murray Best Buy as shoppers wait for doorbuster sales.

Kevin Hales, who is in the fourth tent from the front, has been camping out since Sunday night. They're camping out in style, with two TVs, gaming systems and an Internet connection.

"That was our goal to have the best set up. I think we do. The only thing we are missing is a little heat but the generator can't power that much," Hales said.

Brady Dehlin says they're looking for TVs, tablets and cameras, and they have a plan of attack when the doors open.

"The line is crazy, but when you are up front it's really painless. You're in within five minutes you are out of the store while they are still funneling people in. So it's totally worth it. When you are shopping for a lot of people you have a lot of money," Dehlin said.

But some onlookers think all the hype isn't worth it.

"I understand getting a bargain like everybody, but camping out to save a few bucks to me I think that's going a little overboard," said Paul Knopf.

Best Buy doesn't open until midnight on Friday.