Wrong-way driver causes crash on I-80 near Saltair

Posted at 6:21 PM, Nov 21, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-22 00:23:26-05

SALTAIR -- Police said a car driving into oncoming traffic on Interstate 80 triggered a four car crash, with vehicles swerving into oncoming traffic to avoid each other.

At least one person was injured, the Utah Highway Patrol said Wednesday.

The crashes began about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday near Saltair, when a pickup drove into oncoming traffic.

"It was going the wrong way," said Sgt. Jeff Nigbur. "We have reports that the lights weren't on."

A Chevy Tahoe swerved to avoid the pickup, went through the median and rolled into oncoming traffic, the UHP said.

"Then we had a red pickup swerve to miss the Chevy Tahoe, crash through the center median and the cable barrier and went into the eastbound traffic striking a semi," said Nigbur.

Trucker Daniel Kaigo said two pickups came at him, but he escaped injury.

"I'm OK," he said. "Just a little bit shaken, but I should be OK."

The UHP told FOX 13 the crash was believed to have been caused by a man suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. A man was seen staggering as he was led into a patrol car in handcuffs.

"It's definitely a good reminder to not drink and drive," said Nigbur. "Because it causes all sorts of problems for us, and obviously gets people hurt."