Fourth driver comes forward in connection with fatal Tooele crash

Posted at 12:28 PM, Nov 28, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-28 21:07:57-05

TOOELE COUNTY, Utah - The driver of a fourth vehicle that may have been involved in a fatal crash in Tooele County has contacted police.

The crash happened on State Road 36 at 8793 North Lakepoint in Tooele County around 4 p.m. on Tuesday. Two women, Slaone Ackman and her daughter Trista Ackman, died in the crash.

Troopers were looking for the driver of a fourth vehicle that witnesses said was in the very near vicinity of the fatal crash. Investigators said that person contacted them late Tuesday night and will be interviewed Wednesday.

"They will get his statement and they will balance it with the physical evidence and the witness statements and everything else involved in this crash," said Cpl. Todd Johnson, Utah Highway Patrol. "They will look closely at everything, and if there are violations, charges will be filed."

Troopers said Slaone Ackman slammed on her brakes for unknown reasons. Her car was hit from behind, and pushed into oncoming traffic and struck by an SUV. UHP said the women were killed almost instantly and were not wearing seat belts.

UHP troopers are conducting a full-scale investigation into why the crash occurred and who, if anyone, may be at fault.

""They did a full-scale diagram, there will be a computer model. They just need to sit down, take that and all the statements and physical evidence and make sure they're 100 percent sure on everything before they make any conclusions," Johnson said.

Johnson says it will be at least a few days and maybe into the next week before investigators determine what charges, if any, are warranted.

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