Bow hunters spotted within Park City limits

Posted at 6:18 PM, Dec 04, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-05 01:34:09-05

PARK CITY, Utah – Hunters in Summit County are getting too close for comfort. Park City Police say they’ve received multiple calls reporting bow hunters within city limits.

 “They think that they’re hunting legally in an area that’s ok,” says Park City Police Captain Phil Kirk. “It turns out they might not be.”

 Kirk says it’s a common mistake because the city limits are difficult to find. Sometimes police even need to get out the GPS to find the city limit.

 “We have had a couple of individuals that we’ve actually referred for prosecution,” says Kirk, “Because they have discharged a firearm within city limits while hunting.

 The primary concern is safety. Park City resident Jan McCosh says she ran into some bow hunters just a couple days ago. It was enough to send her away from the trail to the dog park.

 “They were just dressed in camo and big bows,” says McCosh. “I decided I would skip the running that day.”

Kirk says it’s an issue they see every year and for the most part, hunters are very safe. Police urge hunters to be aware of the area they’re hunting in, and if there’s a doubt, check with the city.

 Bow hunting ends on Dec. 15. Elk rifle hunting could continue into January.