SSL’s Scott School reopens as a community center

Posted at 10:45 PM, Dec 08, 2012

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah – After years of planning and renovation, a piece of South Salt Lake’s history has again become part of its culture.

With money from the Zoo, Arts and Parks Program, the historic Scott School near 3300 South and 540 East has been renovated and is now reopening as a community center.

“There are four or five nice little historic buildings here and they all have different activities from weaving to flute making and pottery and they’re all really great classes open to the public,” said Sharen Hauri. “We feel like this is finally the time for everyone to notice and to use this historic building again. It’s been a great asset to our community for decades and now it has a whole new life.”

The school is a collection of buildings that will now hold educational programs, plus rentals for parties, receptions and other events.