Gun business owners seeing an increase in sales

Posted at 8:01 PM, Dec 18, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-19 00:23:34-05

MURRAY, Utah - Local business owners who deal in firearms and weapons training say sales are increasing and concealed firearm permit classes are filling up.

"Get Some" Guns & Ammo in Murray had a busy day Tuesday as customers were buying firearms and using their firing range.

"We typically see this December, January, February. Colder months, we get a lot of shooters in here. A lot of people, obviously with the holidays, buying gifts for people. Not really out of the ordinary," said Mike Lewis, a rangemaster at "Get Some" Guns & Ammo.

Lewis said recent news of mass shootings and the resulting discussions of potential changes to America's gun laws may have led to a small increase in sales.

"Maybe a five or 10 percent increase with everything that's gone on the last few months, but as far as that, December's probably our busiest month and people like rifles," Lewis said.

Clark Aposhian, a gun expert, advocate and trainer said his concealed carry permit classes have also been more popular recently.

"Concealed carry classes for myself and for my other colleague instructors are probably going up anywhere from 50 to 100 percent, sometimes even more.  My overall classes are bigger. The number of classes are more," said Clark Aposhian, a gun expert, advocate and trainer

Aposhian told FOX 13 News there seems to be a general feeling of anxiety among the people taking his classes, and those who've been putting it off are signing up now.

"I've been talking about getting my concealed permit for about eleven months now. I'm taking the class tomorrow, said Ryan Elsbree.

Aposhian is teaming up with Opsgear to offer a free concealed carry permit class to all school employees and bus drivers. That class will be held on December 28.

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