Cyprus students arrested after allegedly bringing weapons to school

Posted at 9:29 PM, Dec 19, 2012

MAGNA, Utah – Some parents of students at Cyprus High School were upset on Wednesday after they weren’t notified that kids were picked up with weapons and masks.

There were four students picked up, three with weapons. The district says the students were truant and the weapons were found after the students were in custody.

Ben Horsley, spokesperson at Granite School District, says that for principals, getting the situation under control is the first priority.

“When a principal’s in the middle of containing a situation, he’s not going to call the parents and let them know at that immediate moment that something’s occurring. He’s going to get the situation under control, he’s going to make sure the police are there. Student safety has got to be the paramount concern; obviously parental communication’s going to be the next item,” Horsley said.

The students were released to their parents.