Woman uses bulldozer to call for knocking down fiscal cliff

Posted at 9:01 PM, Dec 20, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-20 23:01:16-05

SALT LAKE CITY – One Salt Lake City woman is using a bulldozer as a unique way of calling for the fiscal cliff to be knocked down.

63-year-old Lee Ann Walker protested outside Salt Lake City’s federal building with her “Flatten the fiscal cliff” sign and a mini bulldozer.

She says a decision needs to be reached so the economy doesn’t fall into a recession or depression.

“We don’t have to go over the cliff. We can knock it down to something smooth. We’re not lemmings we’re smart people with bulldozers. Smooth it out make a nice safe path down so we’re not threatening to throw us back into recession and we’re not creating anything that has a permanent detriment to the people of this country,” Walker said.

Walker says she’s worried we’ll go over the cliff if our leaders take a break from negotiating for the holidays.