Russian law would ban U.S. adoptions; Utah family reacts

Posted at 10:58 PM, Dec 26, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-27 00:59:31-05

Russia's parliament has approved a bill that would ban U.S. families from adopting Russian children.

The bill has been widely protested in the country and would have a ripple effect around the world if signed into law by President Vladimir Putin.

A Draper family with three daughters adopted from Russia spoke to FOX 13 News about their experiences and thoughts on the bill.

Vinny and Dana DiGirolamo adopted Nikki, Cami and Aliana in 2003.

"The year we adopted, there were over 5,000 adoptions from Russia. And now it's down to, we've heard, 12 to 15 hundred because of incidences that happen," Vinny DiGirolamo said.

Nikki DiGirolamo spoke tearfully about her childhood in Russia and being adopted by an American family.

"Being a child in Russia - sometimes bad things happen and you don't ever want to remember those things. Coming over to America, you get a whole new shot, a clean slate, so for those children that are still left there - it's heartbreaking," Nikki said.

Putin is expected to consider the bill within the next two weeks.